Sunday, June 28, 2015

Is racism a developmental disability?

Humans are still controlled somewhat by the more primitive part of the brain that generates fear automatically to fill in the areas of memory where information is absent. The old saying goes "Better safe than sorry." This primitive defense mechanism is the foundation of culture and subcultures.

Humans depend almost entirely on first impressions from visible physical traits to decide whether or not to progress with socialization. Interestingly, children raised in a multi-cultural environment manage to set-aside such differences because they value more the ability to participate in activities.

Humans are also controlled by a desire for acceptance into a group. Called Affinity-Seeking, the related behaviors includes adopting and openly sharing beliefs, exclusive rituals and exclusive language or dialects.

In Groups, the dynamics are such that a natural charismatic leader will emerge, followed by the creation of an inner circle with enforcers and bureaucrats, One extreme example is Adolf Hitler's inner circle, including Joseph Goebbels, Herman Goring, Adolf Eichmann and Heinrich Himmler

This pattern of group development continues in various forms of leadership and control, from religion to countries like North Korea, to cults. Even a group as small as one celebrity's fan club can have a similar structure.

Followers in the group, the masses, the congregants, or the small audience who seek fellowship or affinity that succumb to the charisma of the leader.

To the followers, the leader's charisma outshines the machinations of the inner circle. The leader has mastered the ability of appealing to the followers so well that they choose to ignore the negative consequences of the group's actions, know as GroupThink.

The leader can create his own twisted logic that the followers will accept without question. It's easy because many people have the habit of not taking responsibility for their own circumstances. To distract themselves from realizing their own short-comings, they blame outsiders who they fear out of simple ignorance.

People who tend to do this are under tremendous economic stress, are frustrated by their financial situations, but don't understand what they are doing wrong, or not doing to remedy their situations. This stems from partial economic illiteracy.

A business accountant for instance, regards payroll as a cost, or maybe a sunk cost. An economist on the other hand sees payroll as an investment in the stability and harmony of the local community.

Since consumerism drives our economy, this type of person makes the ideal consumer of goods and services, so our whole society was socially engineered by the Industrial Revolution to nurture this type of person. This is why they were such a huge majority, but not so much anymore.

The vast majority of Americans are now financially distressed because moronic accountants thought it would be a good idea to suppress wages, outsource labor or crush union jobs. The problem has become too large to blame on minorities or immigrants, and the available information about our financcial situations is much more easily accessible.

People under the influence of a charismatic leader or perhaps just an ideology with charismatic origins, cannot grasp the idea that what they feel about outsiders is wrong. Their brains are wired to be more easily influenced by stimuli in their immediate environment or moment in time. But, there seems to be a generational shift. The ignorance and bigotry seems to have fallen off drastically at the edge of the Baby Boomers.

There will be a few young people whose survival depends on a bigoted tyrant. They must "go through the motions" to appease the tyrant as long as they must, But more people are wise enough to know it's not a trend.